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Bayuyo Session

Bayuyo Session

DSC_0668DSC_0674El blog de La Aljibe ha querido obsequiar a sus seguidores con una sesión fotográfica en la que intentamos mostrarles los valores naturales del norte de Fuerteventura y mas concretamente del canal de la bocaina con Corralejo en primer plano e Isla de Lobos y Lanzarote detrás.

Esperamos que os guste el enclave paisajístico que aunque se pueda apreciar la intervención especulativa del ser humano en algunas fotos y planos su riqueza natural es tal que cautiva.

The blog of the Rain Tank has wanted to suck up to his followers to a photo shoot whom we tried concretely to show them to the natural substance from northern Fuerteventura and the network Corralejo bocaina with card first, and Lanzarote Isla de Lobos behind.


I hope you like the landscaping enclave speculative although the intervention of a human being can be photos and maps was his natural wealth is like being held captive.


And from Aljibe, we want to thank 30,000 followers ever entered the Facebook Rain Tank in the last two weeks. The magazine as the blog was born with the idea to take every corner of the passion, nature, the ecologism and the diffusion of culture in general.


We want to give our supporters of these values forgotten and threw in recent decades because of fierce Capitalism and ruthless that we are subject to the daily rate that marks.


We immediately sent a warm hello to them from these humble means and invited them to keep on visiting our means, promising to keep working on the diffusion of values previously mentioned.


A hug.DSC_0656DSC_0678Fotos: La Aljibe 2015  Juan Ramón Benítez Barrios. –